What's New

11 April 2004 Updated and added links

7 May 2003 Updated/added links; added a couple of "microtutorials" on the links page

25 Feb 2002: Added more on Servo Design for Mechanical TV, with corrected measurements

17 Feb 2002: Added more Progress on Mechanical TV project

20 Dec 2001: Added Progress on Mechanical TV receiver

25-26 August 2001 - remembered to post updates on this page! Checked out all links on the links page, pruned dead links and added new links

29 August 2000 - Added:

Pictures of Mechanical TVs at the Henry Ford Museum

19 August 2000 - added:

Route 66 Cruisin' 2000

Illinois Railway Museum pictures

8 July 2000 - added a page on panoramic photos using the digital still camera, with an example Quicktime panorama

Town Square Park Panorama

25 June 2000 - added pix from Circus World and MidContinent Railway Museum

Added a link to a paper: "A Study of Spatial Color Interpolation Algorithms for Single-Detector Digital Cameras"

Added links to hobbyists building mechanical TV systems

27 May 2000 - added some comments on Casio QV3000EX digital camera, and some exposure considerations.

Brief comment on new flatbed scanner

15 Jan 2000 - added MPEG2 Tutorial

2 Jan 2000 - added galleries for Baltimore & Ohio RR Museum, and Baltimore, MD Streetcar Museum