About the Garber Facility (1999)

The Paul E. Garber Facility consists of 32 buildings on 28 acres.  Five of the buildings are on the tour, which takes 2 to 2.5 hours.  The tour is free, but you need a reservation.  The facility will move to a new home at Dulles airport in the next few years.

Update: April 2001: According to an article in the April 11, 2001 Washington Post, the Smithsonian has announced a $125 million construction contract as part of the $300 million Annex to the Air and Space Museum, to be built at Dulles airport. The building will have 760,000 square feet on three levels and is scheduled to open in December 2003. It is unique for the Smithsonian in being heavily financed by private contributions. The Air and Space museum still needs to raise $100 million for the project


At the time the pictures on this site were taken, the statistics at Garber included:


18 craftspersons

23 volunteers

6 interns

46 docents


354 in the collection

63 on the Mall in Washington DC

140 on display at Garber

20+ in storage at Garber

remainder on loan


Update November 2013: The new Udvar-Hazy center at Dulles airport has been open for some years now, and much of the Garber work has moved there.  Here is an explanation:



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