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Background for this page:  the Illinois state capitol dome, morning of May 23, 1999 - 200 speed Fuji film, Canon AE1-P hand-held on auto with Tokina 28-85 mm zoom, 4x6 MotoPhoto print, originally scanned at 600 dpi on MICROTEK ScanMaker X6 (original tif file was 24 MB), size reduced, sharpened, darkened for use as background and jpeg encoded with Ulead PhotoImpact.  View the Picture (151 kB) or Visit the Gallery


My photos on Flickr



Removing a Partial Facial Color Cast in Photoshop


Correcting Color in Faded Photo Slides and Prints



Lindons Wholesale Furniture and Appliances 1958 catalog

Early TV/Color TV Articles - Updated March 2020


EVR (Electronic Video Recording) Documents

The Hub of Vintage Television Restoration and Appreciation:


See my photos on Flickr



Added to the Digital Photography section here:
Canon 50D DSLR


A paper that shows how good (or bad)
early color TV cameras were:

Viewing 1950s Color TV Again
Over 50 Years Later
Never Twice the Same Color
Ever Once the
Right Color?

Big Links List
Expanded and Updated!

Links by category:

TV History, TV Antiques, Restoration

Digital TV, HDTV, Plain Old Analog TV


Digital Still Cameras

Color, Color Reproduction, Vision

Railroad Stuff

Blue Headlights


New York World's Fair:

GM Futurama Brochures and Booklets


40th Anniversary Commemorative

(43 MB pdf file)

Bell System 195 Magazine

The Bell System at the 1964-1965 NYWF
Interviews with an Employee
Remembrances of 1939-1940 Fair

Dukane Musical Horn from a "Greyhound Escorter"
(powered futuristic rickshaw from the '64-65 New York World's Fair)
Quicktime Movie with Sound

NYWF 1964-65 Lighting Article

Vintage pictures from the INTERIOR of the RCA Color TV Exhibit at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair

NYWF Enthusiasts Gathered on October 22, 2005


The B&O RR Museum
- a great place that had a disaster in the February 16-17, 2003 snow storm - the roundhouse roof collapsed on the most precious parts of the collection, and they need your money! (link updated 22 July 2003)

See the B&O RR Gallery on this site

Latest Mechanical TV Progress

Improved motor time constants added to the design section February 25 2002

Previous Progress Report

The Experimental TV Society First Annual Meeting

Hobbyists building mechanical TV Systems!

Pictures of Mechanical TV Gear in the Henry Ford Museum

Route 66 Cruisin' 2000

Illinois Railway Museum pictures

Town Square Park Panorama

What else is New

Special Feature:

Digital Photography and the Casio QV3000EX



Pretty Pictures - List of all picture galleries on this site


And now for something completely different!

Something Completely Different

Some interests of mine, including photography, digital photography, color reproduction, TV and digital TV, MPEG....(both pix and links on some of these pages), pix from other trips, ......

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