Early Magazine Articles on TV and Color TV

Recent Publicity Concerning Television
(newspaper and magazine clips from the 1930s)

(8.5 MB pdf file)


Rockefeller Center tour flyer with TV demo insert -
probably ca.1938
( 3.61 MB pdf file)


Publicity photo of David Sarnoff

before TV camera at RCA Pavilion (jpg)

Back side of the picture (jpg)


Television at WRGB

1944 Booklet (4.8 MB pdf)


RCA ad in LIFE magazine
March 18, 1946
TV available soon
(324 kB pdf)

June 1946 Popular Science
Television Reaches Out

April 1947 report on French experiments with 1000-line TV

January 1950 Popular Mehanics:
Rainbow on the TV Screen

June 1950 Radio TV News


Custom Built Projection TV is Still Profitable

RCA's New Direct-view Tri-Color Kinescopes

August 5 1950 TV Forecast
Chicago plus Milwaukee and even Grand Rapids
with an amazing mix of articles
(2.5 MB pdf file)

May 1951 Popular Science


Big Pictures on Color TV Made Possible by Drum Filter

World's Biggest TV Studio

Rio Gets Mountain-Top TV

July 1951 Popular Photography
Amateur Photos of CBS Color TV
Closed-Circuit Demo at
February 1951 National Photographic Show

September 1951 Popular Science
"What Color Does to TV" (RCA still testing despite CBS win at FCC)

"TV Color 'Sampler' Costs only $8" (DIY CBS color adapter)
[1.5 MB pdf file]

December 1951 Popular Mechanics

Let's Send TV Around the World -

by Brig. Gen. David Sarnoff

December 1951 Popular Science
Here Comes TV for Everybody
[UHF expansion]

January 1952 Popular Mechanics

50th Anniversary Edition

March 1953 Popular Mechanics

What's Ahead in TV (Allen Du Mont)

Transistors - "not expected to supplant the electron tube"

Television Today

TV Guide 26 June 1953
"This is Color TV"

"Your Motorola"
1954 booklet

January 1954 Popular Mechanics:
Color TV is Here


RCA Radio-TV and Electronics 1953-1954
Review...and a Preview
By David Sarnoff

(1.3 MB pdf file)

April 2 1954 RCA Ad in US News and World Report
"rainbow you can see in black and white"
Announcing Compatible Color TV
(304 kb pdf file)

TV Guide 2 April 1954
First Color Commercial

TV's Only Silent Star

(Marie McNamara, RCA's auburn-haired "Miss Color TV")

Article from the Detroit Times
Sunday Pictorial Review
18 April 1954
(192 kb pdf)

July 1954 Popular Science
ABC's of Color Television

NBC Chimes (house organ)
August 1954 Articles
Color Caravan remote broadcast series;
Three "Spectacular" Series sold out
[3.3 MB pdf file]


Motorola New for 1955
Color TV, B&W, HIFI/Phono, Radio

[36 MB pdf file, 94 pages]

January 1955 Popular Mechanics

How to Operate Your New Color-TV Receiver

October 1955 WNBQ TV Program Schedule

Showing available commercial spots (1.5 MB pdf file)

RCA 1955-56 Color TV Sales Promo Booklet

(5.2 MB pdf file)

RCA Victor TV 1955-56 Advertising and Sales Promotion
Catalog Supplement Vol. 1 No. 1

(2.8 MB pdf file)


1955-56 RCA TV Brochure with Black and White
and New Big Color TV (CTC-4 Chassis)
(585kB pdf file)

WRCV Philadelphia going COLOR in 1956
(259 kB pdf file)

WSAZ Charleston WV going COLOR in 1956
(367 kB pdf file)

January 1956 Popular Electronics:
Assembling the Image Orthicon

Electrical Dealer Magazine
January 1956 (38MB pdf file)

TV Guide 28 April 1956

Chicago/Milwaukee/South Bend Listings
Full issue (4.2 MB)
2 Weeks after WNBQ went all-color for local live programs


WEFM Program Guide December 1956
Last two pages with ads for Zenith Space Command and TV/Radio/Hifi Display Salon

12 MB pdf file

Handy Man's TV Repair (ca.1956)

Excerpts, Including:

TV Repair School Ads

How It Works

Color and How It Works

More Ads

RCA Automation for TV Stations
14-page brochure
(1.8 MB pdf file)



Spring 1957 Product brochure

inlcuding color TVs

(7 MB pdf file)

TV Roundup, supplement to
The Chicago American
03 Nov 1957, 12 Jan 1958, 19 Jan 1958

Courtesy Mr. George Matsukis


A Curious Liquid Analog Computer for TV I-F Response

from Fink's Television Engineering, 1957


May 1958 Radio TV News


Closed-Circuit TV

3D Color TV for the Future?

How the G-Y Signal is Used

September 1959 Popular Electronics

Special Report on Color TV Today

The Magic of Cross-Country Communications

1961 Readers Digest ads for RCA Color featuring Walt Disney

1) Pre-debut of "Wonderful World of Color"

2) Post-debut of "Wonderful World of Color"

Broadcast News December 1961
WGN's new "Color House" studio
(8.9 MB pdf file)


Zenith Color TV Brochure 1963 models
(9.2 MB pdf file)

Zenith Color TV Brochure 1964 Models

(13.3MB PDF file)

December 1963 Radio Electronics
Color TV Today and Tomorrow
(2.1 MB pdf file)

The Zenith "Magic Wand" Color Television Degausser, Aug 15 1964

A degausser using a hand-spun permanent magnet wheel instead of an AC-driven electromagnetic coil.
Photo and instruction sheet (102 kB pdf file)


December 1964 / January 1965
Radio-TV Experimenter
"Chromatron Comes to Color TV"
2.04 MB pdf file)

Sears Fall/Winter 1964 Catalog

TV-HiFi - Radio Pages


1965 Philco Color TV brochure
2.1 MB pdf file


RCA Picture Tube Guide 1965

Last page lists RCA claimed color TV developments starting in 1930

5MB pdf file

August 1965 Popular Mechanics

Color TV is In

YAOU Color Portable
has 7-1/2 inch screen, single-gun picture tube

RCA Ad Supplement
The Kansas City Star
November 21, 1965

(1.25 MB pdf file)

1966 TV Set Buyers Guide

(4.7 MB pdf file)

an evening with RCA

Service seminar, February 1966

(20MB pdf file, 60 pages)

Zenith multi-page ad in Readers Digest 1966
(1.7 MB pdf file)

RCA Salaried Employees Handbook
You and RCA" circa 1967(?)
(10.4 MB pdf file)

Todays' RCA HI-LITE Color Picture Tubes
August 1967 (3 MB pdf file)

Roundup of French color TVs 1969-1970
Courtesy Jerome Halphen (4.5 MB pdf file)

14 pages of French magazine "Le Haut-Parleur,"
which published a yearly Radio/TV special issue listing all models on the market.

Dozens of models that received both 819-line monochrome and 625-line SECAM;
even a two-screen set for simultaneous color and monochrome.


Zenith 1972 25th Anniversary of TV press kit
(2.7 MB pdf file)

New Frequency Calibration Service (NBS, 1975)
(12 MB pdf file)

A frequency calibration service using the color subcarrier frequencies of the major TV networks as transfer standards.
It became infeasible due to the use of local video frame synchronizers that lock all incoming signals
to the local station's subcarrier frequency, and of course due to the transition to digital TV.

CEI Color TV Cameras 1979

CEI 310 Brochure (1.4 MB pdf)

CEI 310 info sheet (350kB pdf)

CEI 330 ad sheet (700 kB pdf)

CEI 300 Series Camera Price List (900 kB pdf)